BenMarco Expresivo de Gualtallary

Gualtallary is one of the highest spots not only in Valle de Uco or Mendoza, but also in Argentina. Its vineyards go above 4,265 ft. in altitude with cold and austere weather conditions that allows the vine to grow strong and with intense aromas. Besides its low temperatures, this IG is also famous for its alluvial calcareous soils.

Our Gualtallary estate -located in a complex geological area- is divided into two sub-regions named Monasterio and Albo. A deep soil study led us to the conclusion that the estate is made of 5 different soil profiles with a total of 21 plots with unique characteristics.

As a result of the terroir’s singularities, BenMarco Expresivo Gualtallary is a lineal, fresh wine, with aromas of blackberries, pepper tree and violets. It stands out for its mineral notes, balanced natural acidity and firm tannins. It has a great aging potential.

This wine is a great option to enjoy paired with red meats, roasted pork tenderloin, hard cheeses and most cream-based sauces.

Why did we choose Gualtallary?
Edy Del Popolo

Like the best sites in the world, BenMarco Expresivo captures the essence of the best from the Valle de Uco terroir.

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