Why did we choose Gualtallary?
Edy Del Popolo

Gualtallary is an extremely particular region which stands out from the rest because of its diversity regarding climate and soil combinations. Even though we know it very well, it keeps giving us pleasant surprises. This is the reason we choose it. I’m convinced that today’s finest wines from Argentina comes from this region.



Gualtallary is one of the coolest GI’s within Valle de Uco. The soil is extremely poor in organic material and has very good drainage, which allows the vine roots to explore its deepest layers. In cold years, it is similar to Burgundy, although its climatic pattern can usually be compared to that of Bordeaux or Napa based on their heat summation.

On the first layer, we normally find natural vegetation placed by wind erosion in the first 3 feet deep. In the next 2 feet, we are able to see a rocky and gravelly soil with medium-sized alluvial stones coated with calcareous and mixed with calcium carbonate crusts (caliche). A third layer is visible and reaches 13 feet deep made of a big riverbed of alluvial stones and gravels.

Video: Finca Dominio Gualtallary
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