BenMarco Sin Límites Chardonnay de Gualtallary



BenMarco Sin Límites expresses our efforts to discover the most interesting combinations of soil and climate, where there are no limits to exploration, to reveal wines with unique identity and personality.

Gualtallary, located at 1,300 m.a.s.l. (4,265 ft.), is one of the coldest appellations within Valle de Uco. With calcareous coated stones and sand, this young region sets the perfect scenario for the boldest grape-growers to experiment.

BenMarco Sin Límites Chardonnay embodies the spirit of Gualtallary’s unique soils. It is a pure expression of the varietal, with delicate citrus, floral and herbal notes. The finish is tense, with sharp acidity.

This wine is a great option to enjoy paired with fatty fish like salmon and trout, grilled chicken, fresh salads and pastas with creamy or herbal sauces.

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Why did we choose Gualtallary?
Edy Del Popolo

Gualtallary is an extremely particular region which stands out from the rest because of its diversity regarding climate and soil combinations. Even though we know it very well, it keeps giving us pleasant surprises. This is the reason we choose it. I’m convinced that today’s finest wines from Argentina comes from this region.

Video: Finca Dominio Gualtallary
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