Paraje Altamira

Why did we choose Paraje Altamira?
Edy Del Popolo

This high-altitude terroir is located in Tunuyán, very close to Gualtallary. Soils are mainly alluvial loam with plenty of rounded stones. The intertwined sandy layers provide very good drainage.

Los Árboles’ first horizon reaches 12 feet deep of a sandy-loam matrix. On the second layer, we find 5 feet of a mix of medium and large alluvial rocks. The third and final layer is made of small gravels with an extension of 8 feet deep.


SOIL PROFILE OF Paraje Altamira

Paraje Altamira is very poor in regard of organic content and it has great drainage, which allows for high-density plantations. The result is wines with medium grain tannins, notes of violets, dark fruit and great length.

The soils is divided into three layers. The first one is 1 foot long with a highly variable composition throughout this IG. It can contain varying degrees of sand, stones, or clay. Then, we find 4.3 feet deep of sandy-loam, calcium carbonate encrustations, and colluvial stones. Lastly, there is a layer of sandy soil with bigger colluvial stones with an extension of 6 feet deep.

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