Los Chacayes

Why did we choose Los Chacayes?
Edy Del Popolo

Los Chacayes is a fantastic region which personally thrills me. Because of its climate, it could be labeled as Gualtallary’s younger sibling. Its particular weather conditions and its colluvial soils allows us to get good and ripe Malbecs with distinctive characteristics that reflects Los Chacayes’ landscape.



This GI is one among the warmest appellations in Valle de Uco, with a heat higher than other GIs like Gualtallary and Paraje Altamira. The soil is mainly colluvium (rounded stones) and alluvium (square-jagged gravels) soil with good drainage that allows the vine to grow with good health and ripeness.

Los Chacayes’ first layer reaches 10 feet deep and it is made of sandy loam frame, conferring excellent drainage. During the next 6 feet, we find calcareous incrustations and white colored stones. Finally, the third layer consists of 8 feet of black caliche splits that create a sandy loam bed underneath.

Video: Finca Dominio Gualtallary
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